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It’s always appreciated when you get positive feedback on your work and we’ve been storing up like hamsters lots of the kind words we’ve received. It’s now time to share a few and send out our thanks to everyone who has supported us from talented associates to commissioners, funders, participants and distributors. Thank you!

What people have been saying about our award winning festival films………..



Amber Films, Side TV
The 55 seconds of the title refers to the length of the journey, at Saltburn-on-Sea, on the UK’s oldest water balanced funicular lift, which takes you down to the only remaining pleasure pier in the North East. Enough to celebrate in that, but Jan Cawood’s beautiful short film revels in both the mechanical ballet of the lift and the lives that come together in its short journeys.

Enchanting! I wanted to watch it again straight away
Agnes Wilkie, Creative Industries Director, Northern Film & Media

It’s wonderful! What a fantastically elegant piece!
Sarah Gee, Indigo Cultural Consulting

Beautifully shot. Really enjoyed it!
Adam Perry, Community Channel

Hat’s off to the Producer and a medal as big as a dustbin lid for the editor
Neville, Driver Saltburn Cliff Lift

It is utterly charming and just the right length. The night-time shots with the pier illuminated below are magical.Anthony Wills, National Piers Society

Saltburn Film Festival Blogger
Meticulous editing makes this film glide along as effortlessly as the lift itself, and you’re sorry when it’s over.

What people have also been saying about our films about world class brands…………..



We are delighted that our Barbour film A Jacket for Life has been viewed by over 200K people and has been featured in some of the world’s leading lifestyle blogs and curated video sites.

Sue Newton, Global PR and Sponsorship Manager, Barbour

Tin Man Films have managed to portray the pleasure and the comfort, both physical and emotional, that a Barbour jacket can give to its wearer. We’re very proud of this legacy and the intimate nature of the experience that our wax jackets give to our customers. We feel that this film not only captures the essence of this, but also celebrates the lives of real people in a very subtle and wonderful way.

Click on the links to read the full reviews.

Portable TV

Tin Man Films fully understand that the primary purpose of a film is to tell a story, but they venture one step further as they specialize in teasing out the heart and soul of their subject matter with intimate narratives.

Permanent Style

I love this video made in the Barbour factory and the homes of some of its long-term customers.

Unabashedly Prep

From the moment the olive waxed cotton hugs your frame and the corduroy collar kisses the nape of your neck, an enigmatic bond is formed not unheard of to span three decades.

Gear Patrol

This documentary showcases the 30-year love affairs that several Barbour owners have with their jackets — showing us why those relationships last longer than many marriages. It also takes the viewer behind the scenes of a customer service center where old, battered, but still stylish coats are sent for repairs.


A Jacket for Life” is a look into the lifetime appeal of Barbour waxed jackets with looks at legacy owners – some as long as 30 years – who continue to turn to their Barbour day in and day out.


What people have been saying about our first feature length documentary

Addicted to Sheep ………


Addicted to Sheep Documentary

Enjoy just a few of the many ★★★★ reviews and endorsements we have received for Addicted to Sheep. Keep up-to-date with all the latest by clicking on this link Film reviews for Addicted to Sheep

“Pitched somewhere between Nicolas Philibert’s Être et Avoir and Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le Quattro Volte, this insightful account of a year in the life of a family of north Pennines tenant farmers proved a deserved hit at the 2015 Sheffield Doc/Fest”. Mark Kermode, The Observer

“It has more in common with the works of Nicholas Phillibert and Frederick Wiseman than first appears…. there is a joy and an appreciation to this film that many others with far more production heft can only dream of.” Read the Flickfeast Addicted to Sheep film review

“One of the big hits of the festival was ‘Addicted to Sheep’… Their attempts to breed the perfect sheep, make for a beautiful, often laugh-out-loud funny film, and I urge you to see it when it gets a theatrical release.” Read Exposed Magazine Addicted to Sheep film review

Emmy Award-winning Director Patrick Collerton who made The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off has praised the cinematography.
“This is a beautiful, timeless, unhurried, affectionate film”.

The Chair of Sheffield Doc/Fest Alex Graham tweeted after viewing
“Addicted to Sheep is the kind of film – simple, humane, authentic, passionate, profound – which just makes me glad Sheffield Doc/Fest exists”.

The Guardian Journalist Tom Levitt tweeted: Addicted to Sheep “reminding us that farming should never be just about genetics & margins”.

“This is brilliant”. James Rebanks, author of the award winning The Shepherd’s Life

“I just loved it. Beautifully observed, warm, gently funny”. Louise Osmond, Director of Dark Horse, audience winner at Sundance Film Festival.

Lucy Jenkins, Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services

Addicted to Sheep is a sensitive and spellbinding portrayal of the day to day world of an ordinary farming family and their exceptional way of life. The footage tells a remarkable story that for most people will be utterly surprising and beyond their knowledge and experience’.

Ian Forbes MBE, Chairman, Friends of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and European Geopark

We are delighted to give whole-hearted support to Addicted to Sheep. We feel sure that this film will help everyone who sees it appreciate the spectacular beauty of our landscape, and, equally important, how resourceful are the people who make a living here. The commitment of the film team to producing the most heartfelt and authentic documentary, their professionalism in all they are doing, coupled with their sympathy for and understanding of the tenant hill-farmer shines through and is a privilege to see.’



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