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Addicted to Sheep 2015 UK Cinema Tour Hit!

September 30, 2015

Addicted to Sheep at picturehuse central

We’re delighted that Addicted to Sheep, a labour of love for our team, has been a massive hit since its London Premiere on Friday 28th August at Picturehouse Central on Shaftesbury Avenue!

It’s rare for independent films to get a theatrical release, even rarer for a documentary! We are proud to have presented our film with prestigious partners who really care about indie films including Picturehouse Cinemas, Tyneside Cinema, Bertha DocHouse and many others.

welcome london launch Addicted to Sheep

Addicted to Sheep at Tyneside cinema

Addicted to Sheep curzon at night

Addicted to Sheep has been seen far and wide in UK cinemas with over 50 screenings in the first wave commencing with a two week run in London’s West End.

Many cinema screens have sold out in regional hot spots and lots of people passionate about indie film and sheep have also ensured our community venues DIY booking service allows us to reach places other films can’t!

Addicted to Sheep bbc radio newcastle

Our ambition to crossover audiences, gain public and critical success seems to have come together. All and more than we ever wanted.

Addicted to Sheep cinema tour flyerAddicted to Sheep cinema tour flyer

Thanks to the Hutchinson family, your support and that of all those involved in the making of Addicted to Sheep, it feels like a real achievement to now be able to share the film with a wide audience to show a world difficult to witness up close, especially given the current headlines about the issues farmers are facing.

Addicted to Sheep London premiere

For more information about the UK cinema release of Addicted to Sheep, visit our Addicted to Sheep screening times

If you can’t see a screening near you, community and educational screenings are available. Please visit our Addicted to Sheep community screenings for more info and perhaps you can organise and book one yourself!

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