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Addicted to Sheep Sheff Doc/Fest 2015 Early Reviews

July 27, 2015

Thanks for all your good luck wishes for the World Premiere of Addicted to Sheep at ‪Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015. Our two jam packed screenings were a huge success!

Tom Hutchinson at World Premiere of Addicted to Sheep

So much so that Addicted to Sheep was selected as one of the official ‘festival hits’ and a third and final screening took place on the last night. Everyone we have spoken to has really loved the film so that’s all we could wish for.

World Premiere Addicted to Sheep Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015

We even met with 2 lovely people who flew in specially from Canada for the premiere!

Sheff Doc Fest 2015

Enjoy some of our first reviews

The Chair of Sheffield Doc/Fest Alex Graham tweeted after viewing
“Addicted to Sheep is the kind of film – simple, humane, authentic, passionate, profound – which just makes me glad Sheffield Doc/Fest exists.

The Guardian Journalist Tom Levitt tweeted: Addicted to Sheep “reminding us that farming should never be just about genetics & margins”.

“It has more in common with the works of Nicholas Phillibert and Frederick Wiseman than first appears…. there is a joy and an appreciation to this film that many others with far more production heft can only dream of.” Read the Flickfeast Addicted to Sheep film review

“One of the big hits of the festival was ‘Addicted to Sheep’… Their attempts to breed the perfect sheep, make for a beautiful, often laugh-out-loud funny film, and I urge you to see it when it gets a theatrical release.” Read Exposed Magazine Addicted to Sheep film review

“I just loved it. Beautifully observed, warm, gently funny”. Louise Osmond, Director of Dark Horse, audience winner at Sundance Film Festival.

Our 24 hour tour with the sheep has also been a success thanks to Julia Knott who created the sheep from the wool of the Hutchinson flock. Here are a few pictures of our adventure!

24 hour sheep tour Sheffield_4

24hr Sheep tour of Sheffield

24 hour sheep tour of Sheffield

Magali Pettier at Sheff Doc/Fest 2015

Composer, Editor and Sound Mixer chat before World Premiere

Jan Cawood at Sheff Doc/Fest 2015

Sign up for exclusive updates on our Addicted to Sheep website as we’ll be sharing news of our exciting distribution plans very soon!

Addicted to Sheep flyers

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