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Molly Dineen

December 5, 2011

Molly Dineen has made 17 films to date and her inquisitive mind, strong relationship with her characters and the trust and access she gains allows her films to reveal the crevices of life today.

Access driven films about people, places and issues from 48 hours in the life of the Angel Station to Gerri Halliwell ‘on the run’ after leaving the Spice Girls. All of the films are about more than the subjects first imply.

I first heard Dineen talk about her approach at Sheffield Doc Fest. It’s the most watchable characters that emerge in the edit which allow her story to develop and key issues to emerge.

From a standing start she will spend about 2 weeks with people, feeling that the intensity of filming means they have usually had enough after that and relationships can wane. To accommodate this, she’ll try fit around moods and leave a breathing space between filming to allow for the best quality.

The trust between Dineen and particpants extends to sharing rough cuts, although this goes against the grain with some editors. She remains true to subjects and has a deep sense of loyalty to them.

TV’s prerequisite for pitching what is known in advance makes her approach tricky. She embarks on a journey of discovery through research and spending a lot of time with her story. The results are intimate and forceful.

You can hear Dineen talk more about her impressive career in this Q&A session or buy the new BFI Dineen DVD collection just released.

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