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July 13, 2011

It’s always appreciated when you get positive feedback on your work and we’ve been storing up like hamsters lots of the kind words we’ve received.

It’s now time to share a few and send out our thanks to everyone who has supported us from talented associates to commissioners, funders, participants and distributors. Thank you!

Enchanting! I wanted to watch it again straight away
Agnes Wilkie, Creative Industries Director, Northern Film & Media

It’s wonderful! What a fantastically elegant piece!
Sarah Gee, Indigo Cultural Consulting

Beautifully shot. Really enjoyed it!
Adam Perry, Community Channel

Hat’s off to the Producer and a medal as big as a dustbin lid for the editor
Neville, Driver Saltburn Cliff Lift

It is utterly charming and just the right length. The night-time shots with the pier illuminated below are magical.Anthony Wills, National Piers Society

Saltburn Film Festival Blogger
Meticulous editing makes this film glide along as effortlessly as the lift itself, and you’re sorry when it’s over.

The 55 seconds of the title refers to the length of the journey, at Saltburn-on-Sea, on the UK’s oldest water balanced funicular lift, which takes you down to the only remaining pleasure pier in the North East. Enough to celebrate in that, but Jan Cawood’s beautiful short film revels in both the mechanical ballet of the lift and the lives that come together in its short journeys.

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