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Film premiere

May 16, 2011

There’s nothing better than sharing your work with an audience and so it was great to spend a busy evening in Saltburn last week. First with appreciative participants and supporters tucked into ArtsBank for the premiere of our new film ‘150’.

Our story teller for the cliff lift restoration documentary ‘150’ is Ian Yates of Stanegate Restorations. We’ve mused in the edit over Ian’s phrasing – ‘you aim for perfection but you never get there’ and ‘when you see your work out there it’s come alive again’ and felt the same about the film process. Ian was pleased we hadn’t used music and liked the observational framing which was a real compliment from an ex-cameraman.


We then dashed over to the beautiful Arts&Crafts Community Centre for the 5th Saltburn Short Film Festival and watched ’55 Seconds’ alongside other international and UK shorts. Our film came second in the popular audience vote and was given a special commendation by the judges. It was great to see such diverse work on the big screen with over 100 people turning out to support film-makers.

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